My penis size problem .I almost gave up.

My penis size problem .I almost gave up.


I almost gave up

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By the time I was 25, I must have tried at least ten different kinds of penis enhancement pills, at least five “miracle” oils and creams and a few other totally useless penis enlargement products.  I was just about ready to give up on my seven year quest to enlarge my penis.

I almost gave upUnless you have this problem, you can’t imagine what it’s like to have a dick that’s too small to satisfy women.  I guess I’m a pretty good looking guy, so I don’t have a problem attracting women.  But I do have a problem keeping them.  No matter how good a situation with a girl is there’s always this awkward silence the first time she sees or feels my penis and even the most promising situations just evaporate after the first time we have sex.  So you see why I trying every avenue in search of a solution.  But every penis enlargement promise just seemed to be empty air.

And of course  lot of them are.  I’ve since found out that there are only two ways to enlarge your penis.  One of them is surgery which is extremely expensive and has a very high rate of complications.  Too many guys have had their dicks messed up by surgeons for me to risk that, even if I could afford it.  The other way is by stretching, and that’s what the Proextender is designed to do.

Penis stretching has been around for quite a while.  Even in some tribal societies men hung weights to their penises to stretch them, and weights made another appearance during the twentieth century, becoming quite popular But weights are a hit and miss method.  They’re unpredictable, inconvenient and painful.  It wasn’t until Proextenderhit the market that there was a feasible and practical non-surgical method of penis enlargement.

So why am I telling you all these here in this blog?  It’s because I had almost given up on ever being able to do anything about my small dick when I discovered Proextender.  By the time that happened, I was almost suicidal about the prospect of living my whole life with an inadequate penis.  So you could almost say that the Proextenderpenis enlargement system saved my life.

Proextenderisn’t any kind of scam or gimmick.  It’s a genuine penis enlargement device which is so effective that it’s prescribed by urologists and plastic surgeons in more than thirty countries around the world.  It’s helped tens of thousand of guys improve their sex life so that they can live normally without the embarrassment and total lack of confidence that comes from having a small dick.

I know what it feels like to have a small dick, because that was me for the first 25 years of my life.  And I’d never want to go back there again.  I still have the occasional shudder when I think about what would have become of me if I hadn’t happened to find the Proextendersystem and been able to grow my penis, or rather, stretch it, into something I was proud of.

Maybe a normal sex life is something that most guys take for granted.  But if you’re reading this you probably aren’t one of those guys.  So it’s for you I almost gave upthat I’m writing this blog, because I want to share information about this amazing device.  And I can promise you:  if you get the Proextendersystem and use it as instructed, and if you’re patient, you will be able to add inches to your dick, in both length and girth.

In my future posts on this blog I’m going to tell you about how I came to try Proextenderand how it worked for me.  I’ll give you a stage-by-stage account, so that you’ll know what you can expect from the Proextendersystem.  Because if it could work for me, then it can work for you, and if you need some encouragement to actually try it, then that’s what I want to give you.

Proextender isn’t an overnight miracle, it requires patience and perseverance.  But it does work, and