Putting it to the test-my story with penis enlargement system

Putting it to the test-my story with penis enlargement system

 Putting it to the test-my story with penis enlargement system


So there I was, nearly two months into my penis enlargement program with Proextender, and feeling pretty good about it.  I hadn’t measured up yet,

 but I knew I’d gained about an inch in length and the same in girth.  My dick didn’t feel small to me any more.  And now I was going to put it to the test with Kelly.

Putting it to the testKelly was always a good sport.  

It was more than three years since we’d broken up, but she was still up for a friendly night in the sack from time to time, 

if she wasn’t seeing anyone else, that is.  And she usually wasn’t.  

She once told me that she hadn’t met anyone who was as much fun to hang out with as me.  She didn’t mention anything about how I was to sleep with though.  She didn’t need to.  

I knew her biggest problem with me was the same one I had with myself.  My small dick.  But what Kelly didn’t know was that I’d finally done something

 about it with the Proextendersystem.  I was hoping it would be a surprise for her.

So there we were, a pizza and a couple of beers later, she was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the floor beside her.  She opened another beer and 

then gave me that old familiar grin.  The one that always made

 my dick hard instantly.  Only tonight it made it even harder because 

I knew I had a pretty good surprise for her.

“I guess you’re not seeing anyone these days, Kelly?”

“That’s right, she smirked,”  and headed for the bedroom.

She’d come straight from work and wanted to have a shower first, 

so I stripped off and waited in bed for her.  My dick had been non-stop hard since the first beer, thanks to the Proextendersystem.  

I checked it nervously as I waited.  Yes, definitely bigger.

Kelly finally came out of the shower and slipped into the bed, naked. 

 I rolled over and held her to me.  We kissed and caressed and then her hand wandered down my stomach, teasing all the way.  Finally,

 it reached my crotch and stopped dead.

“What the hell is that?” she exclaimed.  I opened my mouth, grinning, ready to spill the beans.  

But it appeared that her question had been purely rhetorical because she was already down there checking out for herself exactly what it was.  

So let’s just say that she wasn’t in a position to comment any further for quite some time.

I just lay back in heaven.  I knew I was well on the way to becoming a normal guy with a normal big dick and that I would no longer be nervous every time I slept with a woman because of my small dick. 

 I no longer had a small dick.  The Proextender system had really done a spectacular job for me, and I really had to remind myself that it wasn’t over yet.

Finally, Kelly came up for air, grinning from ear to ear.  

“Honey, what the hell’s happened to you?  Is that an organ transplant or what?”

I cracked up completely at her reaction to my new, bigger, harder dick.  Soon we were both falling over each other laughing.  

I’d already shared my huge good fortune with Kelly, so it was only fair to tell her where it came from.

“There was this magic fish, you see, and it gave me three wishes…”Putting it to the test

She hit me with the pillow.  “Okay, okay, I laughed.  And I told her the whole story”.  Three months earlier, 

the story about my dick was something I was so ashamed of I couldn’t have talked about it to anyone.  

But now, suddenly, it seemed unimportant. In fact it was even funny.  

At least we were laughing for a couple of minutes before we found something much more fun to do.

The Proextendersystem had passed its first major test for me.  And now I knew there wasn’t going to be any looking back. 

 The amazing thing about Proextender is that it’s 100% successful.  If you use it properly, Proextender will help anyone, no matter how bad their problem is.  It had certainly helped me