The growth of my penis kicks in

The growth of my penis kicks in

  The growth of my penis kicks in

Penis Enlargement

It was about six weeks into my Proextender program that I realized that there was really something more happening than just my dick being harder.  It was also longer.  At first I thought I’d imagined it, but it was definitely true.  And it was weird, like a whole growth spurt sort of happened overnight one night.  After a couple more weeks I would learn that this was the usual pattern.  A sudden burst of growth one night, then nothing for a few days.

The growth kicks inBy now I was thoroughly accustomed to my Proextender traction device, so I’d stepped up the traction force to about 1200g.  I’d started off at only 800g, so this was an overall increase of 50%.  Of course the greater the traction force, the faster the effect, within reason – you don’t want it so strong that you tear the tissues of the penis instead of stretching them.  But now that I was comfortable enough with the traction to take the higher force, it was full speed ahead.  I also doubled my traction time, wearing my penis enlargement device for two six-hour periods each day.

With this stepping up of the action, the pace of growth really shot ahead.  Now I was getting serious gains.  When I took the traction off and checked out my penis, it was really obvious that it was both longer and thicker.  I was really delighted, but of course this was only about the end of the second month, and the chances were that I would still be increasing more for another month at least.

I’d stayed away from six for the first couple of months of this penis enlargement treatment because I was worried that it might interfere.  But now, with all these male enhancing dick pills I was taking as well, I was horny as hell and really needed to get some.  I was also very keen to check out how my bigger and harder dick would perform.

I called up Kelly, an old girlfriend of mine who would occasionally spend a night with me for old time’s sake.  She wasn’t doing anything that night, so I invited her over for a pizza.

There’s no need to tell you what had gone wrong with me and Kelly when we were going out together.  She was really nice about it, but it was obvious, reading between the lines, that size mattered, at least to her.  I didn’t blame her for that at all and in fact we’d by now become really good friends.  And tonight I was hoping it was going to be friends with benefits.  I got home from work early, put my Proextender traction device on for a couple of hours and then had a shower and waited for Kelly to arrive.

We hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months, so she immediately asked me what’s new.  I didn’t want to tell her what had been occupying me The growth kicks inpretty fully over the past few weeks, but I was hoping that she might find out for herself.  And I knew that Kelly was never going to be shy about telling me how it was for her.

So we shot the breeze, ate a pizza, drank a couple of beers, and well, the rest of the night is a pretty good story, but I don’t have time for it in this post.  I’ll tell you all about it in the next one.

But before I go, just let me sum up by saying that my small dick was now pretty much a thing of the past.  I hadn’t gone as far as I wanted to with Proextender yet, but I was well on the way.  And I certainly wasn’t at all skeptical about penis enlargement any more.