Controlling Blood Glucose Through Diabetic Diet

Controlling Blood Glucose Through Diabetic Diet

Controlling blood glucose is the most important task for people suffering from diabetes. And the best way to keep blood sugar levels stable and under control is through healthy eating. 

The Diabetic Diet is the most effective tool one can use to facilitate his transition towards healthier eating practices. The creation of the said diet is where the dietitian specializes in. 

This is why it is commonly the first advice a doctor gives to a person who had just been diagnosed or prediabetes or diabetes. A dietitian is an expert in foods and nutrition. A dietitian can assist you in the creation of a meal program that is perfect for you.

Excessive intake of calories and fat is the most common reason for the rise of blood glucose levels. 

Such spikes in the amount of blood sugar in the blood is very alarming to a person that is suffering from diabetes because it can lead to very serious problems such as heart, kidney, and nerve failure as well as extremely high blood pressure or even amputation of extremities and death.

 This is why a diabetic should always keep track of his blood glucose levels. A Diabetic Diet makes sure that such spikes in blood glucose are avoided through eating foods that are low in calories and fat.

A Diabetic Diet should also focus on weight management. A person with diabetes should always be striving to maintain a desirable body weight because blood glucose is easier to control if unwanted body fats are not present. 

Losing weight should however never come in detriment of nutrition. A diabetic should lose unwanted body weight while still meeting his recommended dietary allowance. 

This can be achieved by not only reducing the amount of food you eat but more importantly improving the quality of the food you consume. 

A good example of improving the quality of food is replacing all simple carbohydrates in your diet with complex carbohydrates. Most experts believe that 30% of the normal carbohydrate intake should be the maximum for a person with diabetes.

A Diabetic Diet is also best accompanied with carbohydrate counting. A carbohydrate count is accomplished by identifying the total carbohydrates in grams of a certain serving of food. 

This is a good way to ensure that the total amount of carbohydrates you consume each day does not exceed the maximum amount of carbohydrates you are allowed to. Consulting a dietitian is also a great way to learn how to properly conduct a carbohydrate count.

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