How Adult Film Stars Stay Hard For Hours (WITHOUT Drugs)

 How Adult Film Stars Stay Hard For Hours (WITHOUT Drugs)

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Have you ever wondered how male adult film stars are able to “keep it up” as long as they want to, even when they’re shooting a scene with one or two (or three) smoking hot porn star babes?

(Regular guys would “spurt out the joy juice” in that situation in 60 seconds or less, right?)

Actually, I don’t know if you’re aware of this…but when one of these scenes is being filmed, they have to pause the “action” constantly so that the cameras and lights can be rearranged…

This means the guy has to be able to summon a rock-hard boner…pound the girl in one position…then take a break…and then get hard AGAIN and resume banging in another position…

And they have to do this three, or four, or seven times until the filming is finished!

The end result is a scene that might last 15 minutes onscreen…

But that actor had to get hard multiple times and stay hard, for HOURS.

So how do they do it??

This is how:

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Nowadays, a lot of adult film dudes are “cheating,” by taking pills or injections…

But one of the most famous male stars of all time was legendary for never needing to “cheat…”

Because he used an ancient, all-natural secret to get full-strength, rock-hard boners INSTANTLY and keep it up for as long as HE wanted!

Here’s how he did it (you can use this same secret TONIGHT to blow your woman’s mind in bed):

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