How To Ethically “Hijack” A Woman’s Mating Instinct & Turn On her

How To Ethically “Hijack” A Woman’s Mating Instinct & Turn On her

 How To Ethically “Hijack” A Woman’s Mating Instinct & Turn On her

How To Ethically “Hijack” A Woman’s Mating Instinct & Turn On her

Well, you probably already know that the most reliable way to switch on a man’s “mating instinct” is to show him a physically beautiful girl. (preferably naked).

Plenty of men have more depth, and interest in many other things, and specific men can have VERY specific tastes, preferences, and turn-ons… but in a random group of 100 men, if I had to put my money on the most RELIABLE thing to switch on a man’s mating instinct, it would be “Hollywood standard” hot chick, young and fertile.

So it’s tempting to think that it’s at least “similar” for women, but it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, a Hollywood handsome guy will make the average woman giggle, she’ll want to flirt, she’ll maybe even get sexually turned on… but will she go home with him just because he’s attractive.

No way.

Women have a different selection criteria for sex than just what excites them. (Though, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start!).

There are 5 absolutely reliable traits that make women desire a man, chase him, want to sex him, and want to keep him.

Each of them individually are potent, but combined, they create an effect that is incredibly universal.

These are not physical traits like broad shoulders or a great smile (which, by the way, are the most commonly sited physically attractive traits that most women go for)…

And they aren’t “personality” traits like how you act, or the things you DO (boldness, humor, cocky not-giving-a-fuck attitude, bad boy), though, again, those traits ARE attractive.

Nope, I’m talking about “character traits,” and they work so well because our genetic evolution made them hard to fake.

But with a little bit of practice, any man can INSTALL these traits and ETHICALLY hijack a woman’s mating instinct.

I say ethically because, women genuinely want a man with these traits, and you genuinely need to incorporate them into your life to have them!

This is the stuff that makes a woman go home with you, and then feel great about waking up with you in the morning.


You can find out about these 5 traits right here >>

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