The Secrets of Penis Enlargement

 Can I make my penis bigger? How big can I get?

Penis Enlargement

Yes. The ProExtender® is a clinically proven enlargement method. With regular use, you can expect a longer and girthier penis, enlarging both erect and flaccid.

For this reason, physicians and urologists recommend the ProExtender® method to their patients (as an effective alternative to surgery). Plus this tested-and-proven enlargement system has helped over 500,000 customers worldwide.

As a globally respected leader, the ProExtender® offers each user a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer this above-industry-standard guarantee because… if you’re looking for a safe, proven way to enlarge your penis, we want you to have the ProExtender® as an affordable, risk-free option.

How big can I get?

The ProExtender® method is clinically documented to help increase erect length by up to 29% and enlarge girth by up to 19% (with regular use between 4-6 months).

The best part? After the 6 months, you can continue using your ProExtender® (at your leisure) to further enlarge your penis… if you want to keep going for your desired length and girth.

This means, achieving your “dream” size could now be possible, thanks to the ProExtender®.

 So you’re saying the ProExtender® can increase both length and girth?

Yes, exactly. The ProExtender® works by using the Traction Method which is clinically proven to increase BOTH length and girth (flaccid and erect).

This looks complicated… how do I use it?

At first, the ProExtender® might look like a complicated device but, it’s super easy to use.

In fact, soon enough installing the ProExtender® will seem as easy as slipping on a condom.

Your ProExtender® will come with an instructional DVD (and manual). Just watch the short DVD (or read the manual) and you’ll be a pro at wearing the ProExtender® in no time.

Am I too small to use the ProExtender®?

The ProExtender® can help flaccid penis sizes (stretched) from 2” (5.08cm) to 9” (22.86cm).

If you achieve a stretched flaccid length of 9 inches using your ProExtender®, please call us to learn how you can grow even more.

How can I order today?

Ordering is easy.

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