Best Exercises for weight Loss


Best Exercises for Fat Loss | Weight Loss Workout Plan For Beginners

When deciding to lose weight a lot of people usually focus on achieving a flat and toned tummy. However, spot training for any area of your body won’t be successful. The good news is that the best exercises for fat loss will effectively burn fat not only from your belly but also the whole body! It is a fact that when you are losing fat around the waist, you can improve your health. According to research, a larger size waist is associated with diabetes, heart disease & certain cancers.

Key exercises to burn body fat:

1. The rowing machine

The rowing machine

Rowing will increase your heart rate, assisting the body to burn both fat and calories, whilst working the muscles in your core, legs, shoulders, arms & back, which you did not really use to train. This action is a surprise to your body which assists in increasing muscle building. The circuit for the blasting of belly fat is an excellent idea, which will work for both beginners & experts. Start off with rowing for 20 seconds and follow it up by resting 10 seconds. Look at the number of meters you completed in the rowing time. Repeat this exercise 8 times and try to increase the distance every time. Follow the 4-minute circuit up with a 500 meter of fast rowing noting the time it takes you. This represents the number you would want to beat or match in the next training session.

2. Running an incline

Running an incline

Don’t run a flat surface, but one at an incline which will increase the burning of calories up to 50%. Whether you are on a treadmill or on a hill in the fresh air, begin with a 5 to 10 minutes walk, followed up by jogging. 

When you are picking up your pace, your heart rate will escalate rapidly. Keep jogging for 5 to 10 minutes, and then increase your pace by starting to run. It’s not necessary for a total sprint, but the intensity should be hard enough so that you will be unable to chat with a co-runner.

Run for 5 minutes and then go back to jogging again. Continue rotating 5 to 10 minutes jogging to 5 to 10 minutes running for about 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to your regimen

high-intensity interval training

To sculpt your body and maximize fat burning, intense and varied workouts, including short intervals, are required. Researchers speculate that such exercises make a contribution towards the afterburn effect of the body. 

This entails that calories are still burnt after finishing your workout. Experts suggest that interval training which rotates between exercises is working for various muscle groups. Warm up for 10 minutes and follow it up with 30 seconds of doing push-ups, squats, single-arm rows or kettlebell swings and do as many reps you can.

4. Heavier weightlifting, resting less between the reps

Heavier weightlifting

According to experts if you still want to drop more belly fat and were lifting weights which are moderately in weight, you should start to use heavier weights, whilst cutting down your resting time between reps. 

You will experience more afterburn effect with heavier lifting. When increasing the weight, make sure that it doesn’t affect your technique, which can result in injury.

5. Use a BOSU ball to intensify planking

BOSU ball

It is important to still work your abs when trying to lose fat. An expert’s advice is to use a BOSU ball to hold the plank because its much more demanding compared to a normal plank with your hands on the floor, as a BOSU ball will be testing your balance. 

As your body is struggling to find its balance, it will result in the activation of your obliques, abs & transversal abdominal muscles. Your metabolism will also be increased by strengthening your core muscles which will result in burning more fat & calories.

6. Walk each day

Walk each day

A 45 to 60 minutes brisk walking each day can boost your metabolism, whilst preventing overtraining, which can result in the excess production of the stress hormone, cortisol which contributes to stomach fat.

 A walking workout can assist you in unwinding from stress, whilst it may result in lowering your cortisol levels, which keep stomach fat at bay. You can lose one pound of fat weekly with one hour’s rapid walking on a daily basis.

7. Walk on your empty stomach

Walk on your empty stomach

If you exercise before eating breakfast, you can burn about 20 percent more body fat. Exercising in a state of fasting, the body will be forced to burn its storage of nutrients as energy. If you are running, carbs will be burnt first, because stored fat can’t be used fast enough to cope with the workout’s intensity.

 When you are walking briskly, the body will burn stored fat, as it is not in a desperate state for fuel. Drink water whilst you are walking to ward off hunger pangs and ensure that you are staying hydrated to finish your workout.


Doing yoga can help to keep your cortisol secretion at bay. In a research study, it was revealed that women who partake in yoga for 35 minutes on a daily basis, for a period of 12 weeks, had a lower cortisol level during stressful conditions, compared to women within the control group.

  Yoga did not only assists to keep the accumulation of stomach fat at bay, it also helps to develop mindfulness. This skill could be of assistance to avoid mindless eating!

Taking this information into consideration and taking action can be highly rewarding to lose fat throughout your body as these are some of the best exercises for fat loss!

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