Does Running Help Lose Belly Fat?

Does Running Help Lose Belly Fat?

Does Running Help Lose Belly Fat?


Are you a runner? Well, in case you are wondering if running is the solution to discard your persistent belly fat; the answer is no! Another fact is that doing abdominal exercises targeting your abs also won’t rid you of belly fat. Does running help lose belly fat? The answer can be yes when you try to lose fat throughout your body when you combine running with a low-calorie and healthy diet. Genetics will determine in which regions you will be losing fat first.

Tips to Lose Belly Fat


Strength Training:

Include strength training for the whole body into your exercise regimen at least twice a week. Your strength training should include exercises for your core, upper body as well as lower body.

Cardio Exercise:

Do the cardio exercise for 30 minutes on weekdays within your heart rate zone. Avoid injuries & burnout by rotating your exercises between running & activities like an elliptical trainer, swimming, cycling, hiking or dancing.

Establish your Calorie Objective:

Determine what your daily calorie intake should be. When you determined that, you must create a deficiency via a combined diet and exercise regimen of 3500 calories on a weekly basis or 500 calories daily to be able to lose one pound of weight a week.

Portion Control:

You should watch the sizes of your portions, especially after your daily run, because you may feel the temptation to eat more due to the calories which were burnt during your run. A good idea is to prepare & pre-packed snacks containing 100 calories ready at home. Share meals when you are eating at a restaurant or just eat half of your food, whilst taking the other half home.

Food Diary:

Keep a food diary, writing down all that you are eating & drinking. This will assist in keeping track of the number of calories you are consuming, which give you the opportunity to see which bad habits you must correct.

Stay Clear from Processed foods:

Snack & packaged foods contain a lot of added sugar, salt, and Tran’s fats. An excess of these three ingredients may create difficulty to lose weight.

Making Minor Dietary changes:

Change your diet in making small changes, like instead of drinking soda regularly add more fresh fruits & vegetables.

10,000 Steps:

Tracking their steps daily seems to help some people. To prevent gaining weight needs about 10,000 steps daily. If you want to lose weight you must increase your steps.

Study Nutrition Labels:

Foods which have a low-fat content can have a high content of other ingredients, such as sugar & carbs. Sugar can be added to compensate for the lack of flavor provided by fat. The following foods frequently contain lots of calories and hidden fat: marinades, salad dressings, sauces & mayonnaise. Taking the above-mentioned tips into account, the answer to your question does running help to lose belly fat, can turn into a big Yes!



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