Diets That Work – The Macrobiotic Diet Exposed

Diets That Work – The Macrobiotic Diet Exposed 

The Macrobiotics Diet is one of the wonderful diets that work. The Macrobiotics Diet works on a fascinating theory indeed. It is a total pesco-vegetarian diet which literally means that there should be no other types of meat or poultry included other than fish. Its concept is exceptionally appealing to people who are closely watching their diet and consume only wholesome, nutritious food on a daily basis. It works by balancing the yin and the yang elements in the body to create a stable and healthy environment. In fact, there are cancer patients and patients of their serious ailments who claim to find some form of alleviation by going on a Macrobiotics Diet.

Macrobiotic Diet

Anyone who goes on a Macrobiotic Diet should eat around 50%-60% of grains and 35% of vegetables. The balance of 25 is divided between fish or marine creatures, beans and sprouts. It is necessary to observe one simple rule – only eat when you feel hungry! The basic premise of the Macrobiotics Diets is that to be successful in achieving perfect health and lose unwanted fat, a proper balance of the yin and yang should be sought. Therefore foods are classified into the yin and yang group in the Macrobiotic Diet. Food that range on the extreme end should be avoided at all costs.

Foods such as brown rice, whole grains that includes barely, wheat grains, barely green, broccoli, cauliflower, tofu and sea vegetables are all great sources of a balanced food. These are foods that are in perfect harmony with nature and provide excellent nutrition for the body. Foods that are leaning towards the yin side or the cold side would include sugar, chocolate, fruits, soda and spices. Yang foods or those that are considered hot would include salt, nuts and seafood.

For a balanced yin and yang, it is important to avoid foods that gravitate towards the extreme end of the continuum. Eggs, dairy products and meat are believed to have very strong yang properties. Foods with refined sugar and artificial colors are considered as strong yin foods which should also be avoided if you want to maintain the proper balance.

The intake of fluid should be dictated by thirst. Rather than flooding the body with eight glasses of water as most experts would suggest, the macrobiotics dieter only consume drinks when they feel thirsty. By respecting the natural working of the bodily system, it is believed that perfect harmony that leads to better health and weight loss can be achieved.

Proponents of the Macrobiotic Diet claims that using natural ways to prepare food and avoiding high tech gadgets such as the microwave ovens can result in better quality food. It is also important to eat in a relaxed manner and with total peace of mind. Rather than focusing the weight loss on the mere reduction of calories, or the intake of a special group of food, the Macrobiotic Diet focuses on achieving total equilibrium that begins with the right mental attitude and healthy habits of living.

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