Macrobiotic Diet – A Natural Treatment for Cancer and Illness

 Macrobiotic Diet – A Natural Treatment for Cancer and Illness

A macrobiotic diet has been linked to effectively treating, and even curing cancer. While empirical evidence is lacking, many cancer patients swear by the diet. If you are considering the macrobiotic philosophy to treat cancer, here are some guidelines to follow.

Eliminate the factors that are known to cause cancer. Smoking, exposure to toxic substances, red meat and even some prescription drugs are known to cause cancer. Speak with your doctor about the drugs, but with a macrobiotic diet, you may be able to wean yourself off some of these drugs.

Macrobiotic Diet – A Natural Treatment for Cancer and Illness

Understand what the principles of macrobiotics entails. Make sure you understand what they mean, and make sure you are ready to fully commit those principle into your life. Macrobiotics is a lifestyle change, not merely a change in diet.

Make sure to stock your kitchen with fresh, locally grown whole grains and vegetables. Get rid of the processed, high fat, non-nutritious foods. Whole grains like brown rice, barley, millet and buckwheat, should replace the white rice, bleached pasta and white bread. Vegetables account for about 25 to 30 percent of dietary intake of one person per day. These should be locally grown and organic. If you cannot find suitable organic vegetables, make sure that you rinse them well and remove all traces of pesticides, which are another cancer causing element. Again, this is a lifestyle change, and may require you to start shopping somewhere other than your local supermarket.

Prepare macrobiotic meals every day. Deli meats, frozen microwave meals and fast food must be eliminated from your diet. Shopping for and preparing macrobiotic meals will take more care and preparation time. You must be prepared to do this. At the same time, you should be consulting and expert macrobiotic dietician to help tailor your diet to your specific type of cancer.

You will also be changing the way you actually eat a meal. Avoid wolfing down food without chewing. The enzymes that are released in the chewing process are essential in digesting the food. The more fully chewed the food is the better. Remember, the foods in a macrobiotic diet contain energy and to release that energy into the body requires proper digestion.

Commit to the macrobiotic lifestyle. Followers of the diet claims to be happier and suffer less depression. If you think these things have no effect on health, just think of the last road rage incident you may have been involved in. Your blood pressure was up, and may have ended up with a headache. All of it was due to what your mood was at the time. It had a tangible physical effect on the body. Imagine the potential damage that can be caused having this mindset day after day for years on end.

There are experts out there that can help you get started. It is not recommended that you stop any allopathic treatment you are currently undergoing. At the same time, at you progress on the macrobiotic diet, you may end up requiring less therapy, less drugs, and as a result, start feeling better. The first step it to make the commitment.

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