What you can not eat to lose weight?


What you can not eat to lose weight?

What you can not eat to lose weight?

1: Products that have a trans fat composition.

Trans fats are dangerous because they disrupt the nutrition of cells, and, consequently, the metabolic processes of the whole organism, which can lead not only to obesity, but also the development of malignant tumors, disruption of the heart and liver, the onset of diabetes.

Therefore, you should abandon such store products as:

  • Margarine and spreads;
  • Confectionery products (liver, sweets, cakes, waffles, donuts, eclairs, croissants);
    Snacks (crisps, crisps);
  • Semi-finished products (dumplings and vareniki, frozen cutlets, pancakes, nuggets);
    Mayonnaise, ketchup, white sauces;
  • Fast food (French fries, hamburgers, chebureks);
  • Quick breakfast cereals.

2: Flour products.

Often these are high-calorie foods, but they have few nutritional values, since their main component is fast carbohydrates, which give saturation for a short time, and the energy obtained from them can go to fat if it is not wasted on time.

3: Salt and salted foods.

As it is known, salt retains water in the body, puffiness develops, and behind it excess weight, as metabolic processes in cells are slowed, because they do not just release that excess water.

4: Starchy foods.

First of all, they include potatoes and white rice. In starch there is a large amount of rapidly digestible carbohydrates, and it also slows down the metabolism.

5: Sausage products.

Due to the content of a large amount of fat, such products are very caloric.

However, sausages do not give a lasting feeling of satiety, since the protein in them is much less.

In addition, such products are rich in stabilizers and dyes, that the benefits of these products can not be said.

6: Sweet drinks with gas and packaged juices.

In their composition, not only a large amount of unnecessary sugar but also dyes, preservatives, and other additives.

7: Alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol increases appetite, which is fraught with overeating, and this does not help to lose weight quickly, but on the contrary, will only increase the figure on the scales.

And what can we say about its disastrous consequences for the work of the organism as a whole?

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